ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


Your home has been severely damaged by a tornado, or worse it’s simply not there and you suspect that it is your siding, insulation, and possessions dangling in the nearby trees.

WHY would you want to build it back with the same construction methods that failed you in the first place?
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Instead of 2-by sticks, fiberglass, and sheetrock.... you can rebuild your home with solid Gluelam timber walls.. and you can do-it-yourself without the aid of expensive and hard-to-get contractors.

Gluelams are an assembly of boards glued together with the grain alternated so the assembly is stronger than solid wood itself. You have seen Gluelam beams overhead in churches, gyms, and airports... supporting huge loads over tremendous spans.
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Ninety five percent of American houses are built with wood- it’s just used in a cheap incredibly illogical way... as an open frame held together by nails, and covered with layers of thin decorative films (like siding and sheetrock) to give the illusion of a substantial structure.
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Yet, the same wood, laminated and glued under pressure and heat, is incredibly strong....stronger, pound for pound than steel. By using Enertia gluelams for the walls there are no cavities, no siding to be sucked off by the wind, no fiberglass or sheetrock to be ruined by the rain. The walls can take the impact of flying debris from other poorly constructed homes.
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Equally flimsy is the conventional truss, or framed, roof structure. We can replace it with SIPs, or Structural Insulated Panels. Yes, structural, is the key word. You may still lose your shingles in a storm, but that is better than no roof.
If you still have a foundation, and/or still have a subfloor, we can manufacture a kit for your home with the walls of Gluelams, and the roof of Structural Insulated Panels. Everything is precut and numbered, and is assembled with 10 inch long self-drilling structural screws that you install with a high-torque electric drill
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Do you still have your home's blueprint? If not send us the outside dimensions and photos of all the sides, that you took before the devastation. An after-photo of the foundation will help us determine if it can be used to rebuild.
You will need drills, electricity or generator, and 4-6 laborers. We suggest a community labor sharing arrangement where families help each other assemble their replacement house packages. We can even discount multiple replacement home orders in the same neighborhood, and there can be savings on trucking. You could be in your new, tornado-resistant home, before others even come up on the local contractors’ waiting lists.

Email to: enertia@mindspring.com or mail to: Enertia Replacement Homes, P. O. Box 845, Youngsville NC 27596.