ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


These are some comments from Enertia® homeowners around the country:

Mark and Amy have completed their Enertia® home and have moved in. Take a video tour and hear some of their comments on the building process and the early performance of their Aquarius model home.

Mountain Home Magazine visits an Enertia® Arcadia home in Colorado and speaks to the owners about their Enertia experience.
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Trish, whose Equinox 2 is in central North Carolina tell us that:
"I submitted a year of my utility bills to an energy professional who is doing a project on home energy use. He told me that our energy usage is about 1/3 that of a similar size home in our area. This usage includes all of our appliances, lighting and electronics, so clearly the use of energy for heating and cooling is very low indeed. This is just one of the reasons we love this home."

Bobby and Kathy, who built this Brandwine in Virginia, said:
"From what we have seen since we moved in 6 months ago, we expect our energy usage for the year to be about 1/4-1/3 of what a house this size would be in our area. Every morning when we wake up in this house we feel like we're somewhere on vacation."
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Steve and Michelle, Arcadia homeowners, tell us that:
"Until we learned about Enertia, we didn't realize that there was a house that could not just help a little bit with energy bills, but could actually take care of them completely. Here in our area of Southern California we have plenty of sunshine. We lived in this house for over a year before we realize that our backup heating system (radiant floor heat) was not even connected correctly by the plumber and was not working. We were so comfortable that we just assumed it must be working."

The owner of this Genesis 2 in Wisconsin tells us that:
"No matter how hot it gets outside, we've never seen the house over 82°, and 82 is quite comfortable in this house. If the humidity rises, we have a 1 ton air-conditioner that we use for dehumidification. Other houses this size in the neighborhood have 7-8 ton units. Our lower level stays at 55° all year around all by itself."
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Tom and Kathy's, Arcadia is in Southern Colorado, and they report:
"The house works as defined. With the sun, the sunspace reaches 80 to 90 degrees, living space is in the upper 60's - 64 to 69. Yesterday good sun, Kathy and I got home at about 6:30 pm to a 67 degree home. This morning the temp was 62 inside 18 outside. Used no additional heat!!!"

Richard and Diane's Aquarius 2 farmhouse is in central Illinois corn country. Their comment after a June heatwave was
"The house stayed nice and cool during the Midwest heatwave - 2 weeks of 90-100 degree temperatures."
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Jack and Ruthie, Arcadia homeowners in New Hampshire, report that:
"This morning it was -4° outside and inside the envelope it was 66°, including the cellar. Our thermostats are set at 65° for our radiant backup heat so the boiler didn't come on much. Right now it is clear and sunny, 2° outside. The sun space is 76° and the South, interior log wall, French doors and all of the interior windows are open. We have a couple of ceiling fans running. The temperature inside the envelope is at 70° now and may go up a degree or two before we close the French doors about 2:30."

Micah and Rachel did a majority of the work on their Equinox in Maryland, and told us:
"We were warm and toasy inside when it was freezing outside. There is a tremendous value in knowing that you built the home you live in. It was a ton of work, but really worth it."
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Tom and Judith have lived in their Southern Comfort in central North Carolina for at more than 10 years, and tell us:
"We have lots of company and parties. It's funny to see people looking in the closets and all over to try to find where we are hiding a furnace. They just can't believe we don't have one."