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Southern Pines is a 4586 sq.ft. home designed with heating and cooling in mind. The original Southern Pines was built in North Carolina, where heat and humidity are a big issue. Because Enertia homes are designed to last for many generations, in this era of global warming we now include cooling features in all Enertia homes.
Southern Pines is a modified "saltbox" with the two story section to the North. As with all Enertia homes, the gable wall is solid timber from bottom to top.
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The Greatroom is open to the kitchen and entry and can be opened to the sunspace.
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The dining area is part of the greatroom and ajoins the sunspace, screened porch and kitchen.
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Custom hardwood cabinets were made by a local cabinet-maker. Soapstone slabs are used for countertops
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A full-width sunspace opens off the greatroom with a formal quarry tile floor.
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The top of the sunspace is open to the attic for winter-time heat distribution and summer-time ventilation.
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The sunspace narrows to a gallery at the bedroom end, allowing a walkout deck off the bedroom.
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Grates in the sunspace floor complete the airflow loop.
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Enertia designed and manufactured custom ballusters for this Southern Pines.
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The loft with balcony overlooks the greatroom/dining area below.

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The balcony features a continuation of the custom rail design.
The screened porch adjacent to the dining room serves as a breakfast/lunch area six months of the year. Skylights in the screened porch roof allow extra daylight to enter the kitchen and dining area.
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7 Years Later