ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem
The ENERTIA® Building Systems provides solutions to problems that Nature poses to buildings.

Tornado 101 - An introduction to Tornado behavior, the "EF" scale for tornadoes, and the levels of damage to homes caused by various levels of tornado.

Tornado Replacement Homes - See the difference between replacing a frame building with another frame building, as opposed to replacing it with an Enertia® home.

Tornado Safe Homes - Why tornados destroy homes, and how to design and build to withstand them.

Earthquake Homes - See how Enertia® homes resist Earthquake forces.

Hurricane Replacement Homes - See how you can rebuild after a hurricane only ONE time, not every time there is a big storm.

Property that Floods - What can you do to avoid total/major loss after the next flood?