ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


For thirty years we have been America’s leader in innovative house solutions, by totally rejecting the conventional 2x4, fiberglass, sheetrock, particle board, 30-50 year house. We have introduced Mass Timber, Laminated Walls, the Double-Shell, Biomimicry, and Green Building to the single family home, making them self-heating, self-cooling, and net-zero with a potential 1000 year life.

Our product lines are realistic, economical, and long-lasting - from the only building system to be named a ‘Modern Marvel’.
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ENERTIA® Standards. A set of pre-designed models that can be adapted to different climates by changing the non-package specifications like foundation, window, and roof details. They can be used stand alone, or as the self-heating/cooling core of a larger more ornate structure. Economical and fast to build, while 100% renewable, and 100% American.
ENERTIA® Extremes. We have doubled the east and the west walls for extreme climates. With a reflective thermal break that isolates the thermal mass for northern climates and high altitudes. And/or for extreme strength in hurricane zones, or Tornado Alley. It is shear strength with spring-back, for Earthquake safety and resilience.
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ENERTIA® RisingWater Series. If you love living on the coast- you must accept flooding. These homes are designed to take it. And with our unique air-flow-loop double shell, they dry out quickly, while other homes are being gutted of fiberglass, sheetrock, and particle board- with their owners in a Holiday Inn, waiting for a contractor.
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ENERTIA® Offices. With the Sunspace as an Atrium Entry, multi level Enertia® offices are warm cheerful and calming for your employees and customers.

Natural light, and Natural warmth, have been shown to enhance productivity. Solid Mass Timber walls, and the double Shell, are a quiet solution for a noisy Urban setting.
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ENERTIA® Legacy. This is a true thousand-year specification that can be applied to most of our houses. All of our homes can achieve a thousand-year life with 100 year roof replacements and occasional maintenance. The “Legacy” specification does it from ‘day-one’ with slate or stainless roofs, annealed glass, re-configurable non-load-bearing interiors, and no dependency on fuel- which will likely be un-available. Amortized over its life, this is actually the most economical of our homes. Conventional 50-year stick houses will have to be land-filled, and rebuilt 20 times, not to mention the fortunes dumped into heating and cooling them.
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ENERTIA® CLT Panel Homes. Laminated Pine panels as large as 12x52, with window and door openings in place. For fast assembly and dry-in, sometimes in one day. You must have crane access, but this is great for multi-house projects, and self-heating office buildings up to 18 stories.
CLT has been used for years in Europe as high-rises. By using heat-storing Southern Yellow Pine, we are adapting the technology to Single-

Enertia® = Energy from a Shift in Time