ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


Enertia Homes are sold as pre-cut, numbered kits varying in size from 1400-12,000 square feet. The kit is a structural package which includes the timbers for the exterior walls and the two interior walls (Energy WallsTM) which form the envelope, as well as the flashings, gasket, and fasteners to put the structure together. Also included are the beams for the upstairs floor system and the rafters for the roof structure. Doors, windows and SIPs roof panels are sold separately through our association with Andersen Windows, and Eagle Panel System. We do not include flooring, roofing, interior framing, and other materials that are better purchased at your local building supply center.

Homes are shipped via tractor trailer at a cost of approximately $1.85-2.00 per truck per mile. Mileage is measured from Youngsville, NC to your site. Most homes fit on 1 or 2 trucks. The customer pays the freight company prior to delivery. Delivery is free for homes built in North Carolina.*

Enertia Homes are massive - mass timber, that’s how they work. Lumber replaces insulation, siding, sheetrock, framing, and all the associated labor - all in one or two thick mass timber walls. We price the package not by the square foot of floor area, but by the amount of timber, and intricacy of design, for each house. We re-price the packages every October 1st based on the August/September CME and NASDAQ Lumber Futures. We usually hold these prices for one year due to the co-operation of our lumber suppliers, some of which have been with us for 32 years. Often a house package purchased in September, for delivery the next year, can result in huge savings. Given the strength, longevity, and energy-efficiency, Enertia® kits represent value and are an excellent investment.

Our kit price structure is based on timber wall area, the number of corners, the span of beams and girders, and past experience with the design. We have eliminated routine products like plywood, framing, flooring, small common nails and screws, items that you can get locally - to focus on the components that are unique to us, as we are the only manufacturer of this type of home. The total finished cost of the home depends on your tastes in finishing materials, how much (if any) work you do yourself, and labor costs in your area. Expect your total home cost to be approximately 2-4 times the kit cost. Specific site costs, such as land purchase, blasting, driveways or well-drilling are not included in these estimates.

Blueprint fees for standard models are 10% of the kit price, and this cost is rebated in the final payment for the home (which is made prior to delivery). Standard blueprints include site and climate specific modifications and detailing. If you make other changes from standards, the blueprint fee rebate is reduced by the design/drafting cost of those changes. Custom home Design and Blueprint fees will be estimated according to the complexity of the design, and do not apply to the package price.

Often customers find a standard plan that suits their life style, but they request some changes. Once we determine that these changes are structurally feasible, we handle the cost of making those changes by charging a flat fee to cover the drafting time, materials and labor. Change orders are used to document and track the cost of changes you make to standard plans.
Major changes involving stairways, change of "footprint", or Sunspace wall location will usually move the house into the "custom" category.
Many variations of the standard designs have been made, over the years, and these blueprints can be seen at our Youngsville NC factory, by appointment.

*NC state sales tax must be paid on homes built in North Carolina.

So, those are the basic parameters, and here is our Current Price List