ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


It is rare in history that you have an opportunity to participate in a ground-breaking new technology. Particularly one with massive implications - construction is one of the largest dollar volume industries on Earth, and houses are where most of the world's wealth is found.
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Typical Stick Framing

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Enertia® Heavy Timber

Housing is one of the last industries to modernize. In fact most are still built on-site out of sticks and nails as they were 100 years ago. So housing is ripe for a breakthrough like the Enertia® Building System. All the modern pressures are converging on housing- shortages of energy, materials, ever violent weather, and vanishing carpentry skills. More people are working from home, so they are spending more time at home, happily returning houses from status-symbol to their original purpose of family shelter.
Are you a builder? You can participate as an International Dealer. Many countries, particularly island nations, already import many of their houses as containerized packages.

Are you a manufacturer? We will license our technology, provide designs for your particular climate or nation, and help you set up a mill to manufacture Enertia® homes and buildings out of local materials.

If you want to participate in a big way, you can invest in the originating company. Would you liked to have invested in Apple in the beginning?