ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem
Off Grid Homes since 1970
Cellular phones, Cordless power tools, cars and motorcycles- now it’s time to cut-the cord on houses. Think of the freedom and jump in productivity that came with these innovations. LIke when automobiles freed people to go places other than where the railroads went, when they felt like it - not on a timetable. A similar paradigm change will happen when our houses cut the cord. Houses free of connection to the utilities, free of the need for fuel, self-sufficient in food, water, heat, lights and communication. And if constructed properly - strong enough to hold up to the extreme weather violence of climate change.
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Known as Off-the-Grid houses, this is how Enertia got its start (About Enertia) back in the 1970’s. Our early customers had to go off grid - they did not have access to utility power. They had to make sacrifices back then, but the the technology is tremendously better now, and PV-to-battery-to-inverter electricity is cleaner and more stable than the utility. Soon Tesla is about to offer battery packs for Off Grid houses, by recycling their used car power packs which still have life as fixed, not mobile, sources of energy.

“Off Grid” means completely independent of, and not connected to, the utility grid.
“Grid Tied” means still connected, and selling your electricity back to the utility instead of putting it into batteries. Many of our clients, in the last few years, have elected to go grid-tied to get significant subsidies and tax breaks for their equipment. But if the grid goes down they may be looking at useless solar panels on their roof- panels that could have made them independent, and still with power, during an blackout.
Some loads, namely heating, cannot be economically handled with “alternative” photovoltaic electricity. Heating, be it resistance or heat-pump, is just too big a load. That’s what leads people to Enertia Homes- the self-heating house that does not depend on fuel or electricity. The decision to go Enertia is what makes off-grid economical and possible for all the other needs. The Enertia double-shell also lowers the cooling load so much (by shading and earth-tempering) that a PV powered air-conditioner or dehumidifier will cool even the largest house. It is also a good match- in the summer, when AC is needed, has the most proficient output for solar electric panels.

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Off Grid Doesn’t mean Small or Ugly
Size doesn’t matter when your heating energy is free, this almost 5000 square foot Lakeside Lodge by Enertia is off-the-grid, with a wind generator, and PV panels.
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This almost 6000 square foot home (Jurassic Park) has a hydroelectric system, Photovoltaics, and is cooled with air from a nearby cave.
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This 1800 square foot Equinox in the NC mountains uses a wind generator.
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This 2300 square foot (Genesis 2) in Colorado has PV panels, Solar Hot water panels, and a wind generator.
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Join those who Choose to go Off Grid, with an Enertia® package
* Designers and Suppliers of Off Grid home kits since 1988
* Off Grid and EMP-Solarflare consultants.
* Site visits to determine energy potential.
* PV panel attachment is designed into every south-facing roofline.
* PV wiring paths are in your design whether you choose to use them at first, or not.
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Design can also be a community system- for a large project or groups of Enertia Homes.
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