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Morningstar in Massachusetts
Construction Album - Part 2

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These are the lower (top left), main (top right) and upper level floor plans of this Enertia® Morningstar 3236 home. The 32 tells us that the "footprint" is 32' deep and 36' long (East to West). Note: This house has the optional doubled East wall for the cold Massachussettes climate. The West wall was not doubled in this particular case because much of it is sheltered by the garage.
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The gable ends begin to rise. The correct angles are cut on the gable ends in the factory, so on the job the progress is quick.
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A dormer in the upstairs bathroom on the North side of the home will add extra headroom in that area. The face of the dormer is part of the heavy timber kit. The sides are framed on site after the SIPS panels that form the roof are in place.
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The ridge beam was set by a rented crane. Next, the rafters will be set to complete the roof framing.

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The main level will be largely Open Plan.

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There are large windows and doors in the Sunspace wall (top, left) letting light and nature into the main level. On the South side, the Morningstar homes have a wide portion in the Sunspace (top, right) and a narrower "Gallery" (bottom, left and right).
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There is a cathedral ceiling section on the main level. These photos are taken looking up through the stairwell (top, left) and that open portion of the second floor (lower left) to view the Ridge and Rafters, and West Gable. Again, looking up through the main opening you can see the roof system and East Gable (top, right) and the North Dormer (bottom, right).
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These are some details around the house. At the top left is a close-up of some of the finger joints in the gluelam timbers. At the top right is a site-drilled hole in a floor beam for a recessed light fixture. The wide window jambs on the lower left show the thickness of the doubled East wall. And at the bottom left is the an inner corner on the South side of the upper level. This will be capped with vertical wood trim in the finishing stage of construction.
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TNow we're up on the second floor. The North Dormer (top, left) is in the non-envelope section of the house. This will be the location of the upstairs bath.
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Metal struts connect the inner and outer North walls, give added strength and rigidity to the entire structure. Looking down into the North wall you can see that the struts are inserted after every few rows of timbers.
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From the second floor there is a good view of the Timberframe joinery that forms the tower on the South wall.

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Tim and Mike enjoy the views while standing against the Sunspace wall on the upper level of the house.

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The garage on the West end of the home is an optional part of the kit. The walls are solid timber, and the owner will provide trusses for the roof. The photo on the lower right was taken from the large window in the East Gable.
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At this point only three rafters need to be set in place for the Enertia® kit to be complete. Come back soon to see the next round of photos from the site!
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Meanwhile, room partitions, and electrical, plumbing and masonry are underway inside.
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The house has been stained with a water-based stain that allows the wood to breathe while protecting it from UV discoloration. Windows and doors have been installed in the house, but not yet in the garage.