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Morningstar in Massachusetts
Construction Album - Part 1

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This story-and-a-half, three bedroom, and three bath Morningstar home was built by Sund Energy Homes, the Enertia® Builder/Dealer from Guilford, VT.
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This home begins like almost every other home - with MUD.

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Gravel is spread around the footer area and the forms for the footers are set and ready for pouring.
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The forms are then set for the basement walls, and a concrete pump truck arrives to pump them full of concrete.

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When the forms are removed, the concrete walls are exposed. The outer walls of the foundation are then waterproofed.
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The insulation is propped up until the foundation is backfilled. The outer band of joists that form the edge of the subfloor are visible atop the concrete walls.
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The perimeter of the house and garage are being back filled.

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The door jambs are erected and are used as anchor positions for the timbers as the walls go up. They must be braced to stay plumb while they are acting as guidelines. Window jambs are added when the correct level is reached.
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Inside, the heavy timber girders that will carry the floor system are in place.

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Inside, the heavy timber girders that will carry the floor system are in place.
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The rafters and upper level flooring are installed. Tune in again to see how this home is completed!
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These are architectural renderings of possible layouts for the main and upper levels. This type of image helps you to envision the actual head heights of the upper level spaces.
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This perspective rendering shows us how the completed home will look when viewed from the South West. When the project is finished we can compare this rendering with a photo of the real house!