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Morningstar in Massachusetts
Photo Tour

This beautiful, self-sufficient home in Western Massachusetts is completed. The Enertia team visited with one of the owners, Daphne, on a picture-perfect day and brought home this photo tour to share with you. Photos marked with an asterisk (*) were taken by real estate broker and huge Enertia fan, John Kontekakis.

North Side*

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South Side

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The "street entry" for this home is on the North side of the house, so it is not immediately obvious to a passer-by that this is a solar home. The entry leads into the livingroom and which is open to the kitchen. The kitchen door opens into the Sunspace across the South side of the home.
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The master bedroom is on the main level, and has access to the Sunspace (left). {Right Image* John Kontekakis}

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The Sunspace is everyone's favorite room. Scout enjoys the sunlight, watching the squirrels outside, and the tile floor. The narrow area of the Sunspace is the "Gallery" - a great place to sit with the newspaper, a cup of coffee, or a good friend. The wider section can have a table and chairs, or desk.
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Paddle fans can "jump start" the air flow and reverse the direction when appropriate. Awning windows (left) open into the upstairs guest bedroom. Above you can see the airspace that runs between the rafters, allowing the solar heated air to flow to the North side of the house and then into the basement and back to the Sunspace. {Bottom three Images* John Kontekakis}
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The interior partition walls can be finished with sheetrock to add color. Daphne has many mementos from Japan that are displayed throughout the house. {Top left Image* John Kontekakis}
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Upstairs on the East side of the house is the Guest Bedroom and bath (lower left). With the East wall window and the windows into the sunspace, the room is sunny and cheery - a welcoming home away from home for visitors. The master bath is shown on the lower right. The cabinetry in both bathrooms was built by the homeowners, and they did a great job!
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Upstairs on the West is a loft office/library with a futon for extra guests. The loft overlooks the livingroom below. {Top two Images* John Kontekakis}
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The hydronic room contains the hot water tubes for the radiant floor heat, which connect to a hot water storage tank, and to solar hot water panels on the roof.
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The lower level is unfinished, but bright, airy and comfortable for use as a workshop, craft space, or workout area. Utilities are downstairs as well
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Mario and Daphne were involved with the design and construction of their Enertia® home from start to finish. The satisfaction of completing such a huge project is immense. As Daphne says, "We feel so calm in this house. It is such a natural and secure feeling home. I know that if there is a disaster or crisis we will be alright, and that this home will be here for hundreds of years."
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