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Starting January 2020, we will license the Enertia® Building System through Enertia® Licensing Corporation, a North Carolina Corporation with worldwide rights. Enertia® homes are massive, mass timber- that’s the point, so manufacturing should be reasonably close to the buildings location.

We will license for-retail-sale by geographical area, and help you design models for your regional “Look” and/ or price point. If your market is Aspen or Park City we will design high-end packages which will result in million dollar homes, often with finished costs less than the local site-built luxury homes. You will need to have a model home, with all the options, to reflect this. If your market is rural, our standard model universal homes, manufactured repeatedly without changes, can be sold and built reasonably competing with site-built stick-built homes. Some of the simpler popular models could be kept in stock.
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A solid wood high-rise in London

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We know the type and number of machines you will need, the sources of raw materials, and can train your crews in kit start-up, assistance, or assembly. Your homes will be manufactured on computerized house cutting machines. At first, fully custom homes will need to be designed by us, and we can produce your model home kit in North Carolina, to get you started before your machinery arrives.

Or we can license for a specific project or development which will use the house packages in-house, to build, and not offer the kits to the general public. We can help your design staff with designs for your climate zone, and/or your architectural “Look.” This is the simplest license, as you do not have to deal with many individual customers with different ideas - you are only selling finished homes optimized for your production capacity. Multiple kits of the same package is where CNC production shines, and is most profitable. Even a single project of 200 or more houses can justify an onsite plant with CNC machinery. Watch the CNC machinery cut a house.

If you are already in the gluelam, or CLT business - you may already have some of the machinery necessary. The Enertia® heat-storage-in-timber system adapts easily to CLT. We will optimize for your press panel size.
We can do a license for overseas shipment only. Many island nations import all their houses in containers, as they have few building resources. This would include a short-term license for a disaster, like the hurricane in the Bahamas which destroyed 43,000 homes. You might turn this one time opportunity into a steady containerized house business, and of course, there will be more hurricanes and tornadoes.
The house building industry is ripe for a disruption. No other industry is still doing things the same-old-way. Mass Timber is taking off! for its aesthetics, strength, ease-of-building, economy, and its environmental qualities- mass timber buildings have absorbed a vast quantity of CO2, and the material is totally renewable.
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In the 1980’s, when baby-boomers were in their highest earning years, nearly two million new homes a year were being built. Those homes are now at the end of their life. Their sheetrock is failing, their insulation has settled, and is full of mice and bugs, mold is growing in their dirt-floor crawlspaces. Mass timber is superior in every way to the old insulated stick-frame, and Enertia® is the most advanced of the mass timber homes. In the United States the market is at least a million homes a year, and world-wide, close to 20 million. Interestingly, the profit margin of MT, when manufactured in volume on computerized house-cutting machine, is five times greater than the labor-intensive stick-framing.
What an opportunity! What other business can you sit back and watch nature wipe your competition off the map. Whether you are of the opinion that climate-change is making the storms worse, or that the homes are sorrier, or simply that more-of-them are in vulnerable places, few of the conventional stick-frames are going to last.

Enertia®, with 30 years MT experience, is in a place where the newcomers aspire to be. We have perfected the design, the species, the fastening, and the manufacturing methods to take, ironically, a thousand year old technique, into the twenty-first century. We are to houses, what electric vehicles are to traditional cars.
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