ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


We design solutions. Many are specific and local, for central North Carolina clients, but occasionally some turn out to have global implications. For ten thousand years the “Holy Grail” of builders was a house that heated and cooled itself without fuel or furnace. It was thought unachievable, and until a few years ago, no one cared if the solution was “green” i. e. environmentally friendly, or renewable. They just wanted to stay warm or cool without effort, or spending money.
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We tackled this and finally achieved the “Holy Grail” and did it with positive “green” environmental benefits, going past free energy (Enertia®) to sequestering carbon, with a renewable material that cleans as it grows. The result is self sufficient houses that are up to ten times stronger than conventional 2x4 ones, with potential useful lives of a thousand years.
Most homeowners wonder why there has not been a technological breakthrough in houses, like there has been with cars and electronics. There has- they just have not heard of it. We don’t advertise. The time we did we were overwhelmed.
We have a shop and have been hand-making our unconventional houses, for “early adopters.” We are proud of our skilled timber-framers, and our excellent product, but a house package that takes us months to hand-make can be made in 8 hours on a modern CNC machine. We do batch production like Henry Ford did on his first cars - the hand-built Model K sold for $2500 each in 1908 money. And then, as the Model T, went to $350 each in mass production.
We are looking for investors to implement our solutions, to scale and volume. You need to understand our energy concepts, our new form of architecture and its implications, and have the ability to survive the skepticism of an unconventional technology in what is, perhaps, the most archaic and stubborn industry on earth: housebuilding.

Some of these are huge moneymaking opportunities, as housing is the largest (dollar amount) market and enterprise in the world, in 2018, estimated at 19 trillion dollars. The newest houses, using ever-smaller 2x4’s, particle board, and asphalt shingles - have a useful life of 30 years, at best. Nearly every home will need to be replaced- either from wear-and-tear, or wipeout from a climate event.

We know of no other housing system that meets all the requirements of strength, self-sufficiency, renewability, and longevity, whose construction and operation has a positive (not harmful) effect on the environment. And still look like attractive traditional houses. If we have missed something, let us know and we will tackle it.
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CNC house cutting machines are in the range of $2-4 million, and as few as 100 houses will pay them off. We know the makers, and models, and the factory layouts to make them efficient. We can design a line for specific, or universal, Mass Timber houses for your market. https://www.hundegger.de/en/machine-building/company.html
Enertia® is technologically mature - a fully engineered system with proven examples. A delivery and marketing infrastructure (dealers, models, lenders, local factories) can be built. We want to talk with investors who see this as not-an-obstacle, but an opportunity.
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