ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


It's time to introduce the planet’s most logical building system to the rest of the world.
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Building with pre-cut numbered 100% renewable blocks, makes sense economically, structurally, and environmentally. There is no waste, even the scraps are used to heat the factory where the components are manufactured.

The Enertia® solid gluelam walls have an inherent strength and impact resistance- making them ideal for a hurricane/ typhoon resistant building.

The gluelam walls have shear strength with flexibility- making them ideal for earthquake resistance.

In many climates we can also take advantage of the thermal properties of the wood. Thermal inertia is an inherent property of our Green Building Blocks®. It can be used to level out extremes in hot climates, and to store solar energy in cold climates.

This property is already used in Europe to build the Passive-Haus, sometimes called the Massive-Haus. This is a structure massive enough that it needs little heat. Like these homes the Enertia® double shell house stores huge amounts of thermal energy in its massive wood walls. But its not just Passive- the Enertia house has an active, dynamic function because of its convection loop. Oriented correctly it packs in solar energy, the loop naturally moving it from south to north. The Passive- Haus is like a cup- it soon get full and can take no more. The dynamic Enertia® house convection-loop continually empties the cup, so it can accept yet more energy.

The Enertia® double-shell house design will not become obsolete if there is Climate Change. This is important for a house that is going to last 500-1000 years. Whether the house is operated as a self-heating house, or a self-cooling house is decided by the occupant. The change-over takes ten minutes and is normally done twice a year. If the climate changes- you move the dates when you make the change-over.
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Our designers are attuned to regional styles, ceiling heights, and facades. A regional “look” can usually be accommodated, as in this condo designed for a hilltop property in Belize.
Containerization is simple and efficient for both shipping and job-site security. Elements pack tightly so little space is wasted and each Enertia® building block component is labeled on the end, as well as the top, so crews can see them.
Your personal residence, or business office, can be the origin of immense publicity when you introduce this Future-of-Housing, Green Building System, to your market.

Contact Michael Sykes for details.
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