ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem

Our Houses

Click Images for descriptions and Image Titles for floorplans, elevations, construction diaries, photo tours and other information on each model of Enertia® Home.
solar powered home
The Arcadia models are all one-story on a basement with lots of architectural style.
survival home
The Morningstar is an economical one-and-a-half story house.
build energy efficient home
Indian Summer
has the smallest footprint of all our models.
log homes
The Equinox is a basic Enertia® Solar House with a full-length Sunspace and plenty of roof space for solar hot water, and Photovoltaics.
alternative energy
The Brandywine is a very popular family home.
green building
The Horizon adds a Clerestory, and the offset Gallery/Sunspace.
solar air conditioner
Genesis is the original Enertia® house design, and comes in three sizes.
timber frame
Terra is a large single story mixing a Texas Ranch style with a twin pitch Hawaiian style roof.
energy efficient homes
The Aquarius has a vaulted ceiling with a central fireplace.
solar powered air conditioner
The master bedroom is on the main level in the Blue Mountain.
passive solar
Southern Pines is built around a vaulted Great Room/Kitchen.
healthy home
Meridian incorporates contemporary architectural styling with the Enertia® design.
solar homes
Southern Comfort is an expansive two-story Main House with two wings.
energy efficient home
If you can’t have a basement, and don’t have a severe summer cooling need, a single shell Passive Solar home may be the answer.
solar powered house
Custom Designed
We can work from pictures, sketches, or a personal interview where you state your needs, and we design from that. We like to do a site visit to see what energy sources are available.
DIY homes
Enertia Extreme versions have the East and West walls doubled, completely isolating the inner shell from the outer shell.