ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem
Several years ago we looked at our last 20+ year client list to see if there was a common thread, or occupation, or group of interests.

We had a large number who were pilots, which makes sense as their lives depend on knowledge of the weather, and air currents which are the very basis of the Enertia® Building System.

A surprising number of homeowners were home schooling; all of these among our clients who were either contracting the home themselves, or actually building the package themselves with the help of friends, relatives, and their school age children.
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Enertia® was first introduced to home schooling by our plant manager who choose to home school and a number of times, brought his son to work. That son later went on to graduate a 5 year engineering program in four years, with honors, and was offered a job on graduation day.
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Building your own home, particularly a self-sufficient one, is probably one of the greatest lessons in life. Before the 1920‘s nearly every non-urban family built their own home. Going against the conventional wisdom, and doing something innovative and different, and later enjoying the result, isn’t a bad lesson either.

Besides the priceless lesson in innovation, and independence, the Enertia home has one unique feature that lends the design to home schooling. The lower level, or basement, which is the buffer zone that gives the homes their efficiency, must be left open and un-obstructed, and that makes it a perfect classroom. It is swept with warm air flow during the winter day- during school hours so to speak. In the summer it is one of the coolest places, due to its contact with the earth.

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During the 1910-20 thousands of American homes were built using Sears Roebuck kits.

Some of the most innovative aircraft designs started as do-it-yourself kits, like the kits sold by Burt Rutan. Our first customer for the Arcadia sold his Rutan designed home-built airplane to finance his Arcadia 3236 in Southern California. His experience in self-building something your-life-depends on, may have had something to do with it.

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The best lesson plan is real experience, and hands-on doing. Building an Enertia home is a hands-on lesson in physics and engineering . Living in one is the ultimate lesson in self-reliance and environmental stewardship.

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