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The house is finished and it is time to move in! It's cold, but sunny, which is great for Enertia. Plus, extra sun rays bounce off the snow and into the Sunspace for extra thermal energy.
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The Sunspace will be a wonderful place to have breakfast, read a book, or grow some plants.
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The door on the North leads out to a covered deck.
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The stairway and interior walls are drywalled and will be a great place to hang art or family photos.

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The lower level has a string of windows on the South side letting in lots of light.

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The family has moved in now and is enjoying their Enertia home. There is an entry from the porch on the North side, going into the living room, which also opens into the sunspace on the South.
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The main level of the Genesis 2 is an open floorplan. The kitchen and diningroom are on the East side in this mirror-image of the original floorplan.
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The bedrooms are on the upper level. The low headroom areas under the eaves are used for built-in beds for the kids, leaving a lot of space for playing and studying.
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The master bedroom is well-lit by the a string of clerestory windows at the peak of the roof which are lined up with internal skylights in the bedroom to admit lots of daylight.
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When the snow melts the house is surrounded by green instead of white.
If you missed the construction album, it is available here.