ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


These "Extreme" models carry our House-Within-a-House concept to the extreme. Note the East and West walls are doubled too. Extreme weather events, high fuel costs, combined with our increased factory productivity and faster assembly with the new Gluelam Green Building Blocks® are making this a more viable option.
ARC 3436+4 EX 1152 +1014 bsmt 1-2
EQ2-3240+1 EX 1907 + 1280 bsmt 3
SP3848 EX 2664 + 1824 bsmt 3-4
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    “Arcadia” is our one story on-a-basement design often used for vacation homes and ski cottages. It has 1152 square feet on the main level, and 1152 in the basement.
    Arcadia 3436+4 EX - South
    Arcadia 3436+4 EX  - East
    Arcadia 3436+4 EX  - North
    Arcadia 3436+4 EX  - West
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    Arcadia 3436+4 EX  - Main Level
    Arcadia 3436+4 EX  - Lower Level
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    “Equinox 2” on a 32’ x 40’ footprint except with the doubled East and West wall for extreme climates. This is a 1900 square foot three bedroom house with a 1280 square foot basement.
    EQ2-3240 EX - South
    EQ2-3240 EX - East
    EQ2-3240 EX - North
    EQ2-3240 EX - West
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    EQ2-3240 EX - Main Level
    EQ2-3240 EX - Upper Level
    EQ2-3240 EX - Lower Level
    EQ2-3240 EX - Southwest View
    EQ2-3240 EX - Northeast
    EQ2-3240 EX - Southeast
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    “Southern Pines” with an extra deep Sunspace. This is a 2664 square foot three bedroom, Great-Room house. The name comes from our building material, Southern Pine, which has far more energy capacity than Northern Pine.
    SP3848 EX - South
    SP3848 EX - East
    SP3848 EX - North
    SP3848 EX - West
    SP3484 EX - Main Level
    SP3484 EX - Upper Level
    SP3484 EX - Lower Level
    SP3848 EX - Southwest View
    SP3848 EX - Southeast View
    SP3848 EX - Main Level 3D
    SP3848 EX - Upper Level 3D
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      BMX 3244+1 - South
      BMX 3244+1  - East
      BMX 3244+1  - North
      BMX 3244+1  - West
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      BMX 3244+1 - Main Level
      BMX 3244+1 - Lower Level
      BMX 3244+1 - Lower Level