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EQUINOX 3240+1 Extreme in Minnesota
Construction Album

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See a TIME LAPSE video of the raising of this Enertia Equinox Extreme kit.

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Here in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," on one of them, an Enertia Equinox 3240+1 Extreme home is being built.
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The South view is above. To the right is the East elevation which has an upstairs balcony to afford the homeowners a view of the lake across the street.
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Many jobs start with a site visit. Here the Enertia representative discusses the plans with the homeowners and construction team.

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The on-site builder for this project will be Mark D. Williams Custom Homes, Inc..
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Like all Enertia homes, this one will have a solid concrete foundation. These are the forms for pouring the concrete walls.
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The window openings are cut in the foundation walls.
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The decks and subfloor are provided by the general contractor.
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The first course of timbers is tied to the foundation with large anchor bolts that are poured into the foundation walls. In the photo on the right, the first row of timbers ("A" row) has been set, including door frames at the appropriate locations. Also, the Enertia-supplied metal flashing is in place.
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The timbers are set with self-tapping screws. Here you can see the airspace in the double West Wall. This doubling of the West Wall is part of what makes this an Enertia® EXTREME home.
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There are vertical buttresses to add to the stiffness of the double North Wall.
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Stacking one row of timbers on top of the other, with the door and window openings placed as specified by the blueprint and the timber placement chart, the house goes up vertically. Here the first floor is set, and the second floor is under way. Timbers for the gable ended are stacked on the upstairs subfloor. The vertical elements are buttresses.
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While the walls are going up, there is also activity in the interior. These are temporary stairs, used by the crew during construction. The stringers may be permanent, but the treads will be replaced during the finishing stage of construction.
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Timber Wall Details: On the left is a look down the airs haft between the double North wall. Above is the insulated Extreme West Wall. Remember, this is Minnesota.
This is the Sunspace side of the wall between the Sunspace and the main living area.
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The truss will be for the South Dormer.
This is the girder and floor beam support system for the second level of the home.
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The West Gable end is almost complete (top left). At the lower right is the entire Enertia kit assembly - erected in less than three weeks. Next are the roof panels, which will be supplied by a roofing contractor.
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The SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) panels have been installed on the roof in the upper left photo. The panels are then covered with Ice and Water Shield.
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The final roofing material is standing seam metal roofing, which is an excellent choice for longevity and to accommodate solar hot water and photovoltaic panels.