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The Upper Penninsula of Michigan is one of the most rugged climates in the US. It calls for a rugged house to stand up against the winds, snow, rain and cold. Enertia® homes are up to the challenge.
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The kitchen is the heart of any home. The open plan of the Equinox makes it easy for family activities to center around the kitchen.
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The wood walls of the Enertia® home can be covered with other building materials, but most homeowners enjoy the look of natural wood and leave it exposed. This home was built over fifteen years ago before we began working with laminated timbers.
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The Sunspace connects to the living room through sliding glass doors and is overlooked by windows in the upstairs rooms.
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The Equinox has a central stairwell.

Recycled doors add interest to a coat closet.
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Even on the Upper Peninsula Summer months bring pleasant days and evenings on the porch.