ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem

Photo Tour

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What better way to spend the last day of Winter than visiting an Enertia® home where the owners are living in tune with nature! This Equinox 2836+1 is in rural Maryland.
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Micah and Rachel shared winter pictures and told us how the house performed in the cold season. Video1, Video2, Video3
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The homeowners did a LOT of the work on this house themselves. They decided on an Enertia home for environmental reasons, and made all their other choices with an eye towards the environment. The beautiful, rich stain is produced by Bio-Shield.
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There will be a deck on the North side of the house with access through the sliding glass doors in the dining room.
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The West entry door opens into the dining room and kitchen. Sliding glass doors in the kitchen lead to the Sunspace. The color of the kitchen tile was selected to match the refrigerator.
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There are two sets of sliders on the North - one for each of the double walls. You can just see the airshaft between the timber walls. It is not really noticeable unless you are looking for it.
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The entire main level floor is coverd with warm (in appearance, and in feel - thanks to the radiant heat tubing woven between the floor joists) ceramic tile. A colorful rug adds texture to the living room.
There are two bedrooms and a full bathroom upstairs. The day we visited, the second bedroom floor had just been clear-coated, so we will have to return to photograph it.
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Just in case you're wondering how much snow this house might see at one time, notice the combination yard sculpture/snow gauges! Micah is a music conductor and composer, which explains these musical frogs.
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Before we left, Micah told us about his experience building the house, and described how well the house is performing, even without yet hooking up the auxiliary radiant heat.
Building their Enertia® home was a LOT of work, but Micah and Rachel are justifiably proud of their home and will enjoy every minute in it that much more for all they have put into it. Video 4
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