ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


An economical two-story rectangular home with a simple roofline, the Equinox series is popular among do-it-yourselfers. Five standard models range from 1394 to 2282 square feet, 2 to 5 bedrooms, and 1008 to 1440 square feet of daylit useable basement. The unobstructed south roof is optimum for Photovoltaic’s to make the Equinox a Zero Energy or Off-Grid Home.
MODEL              SQ.FT.            # BEDROOMS
Equinox 2836      1394 +1008 bsmt           2
Equinox 2844      1714 + 1232 bsmt          2
Equinox 3240+1  1910 + 1280 bsmt          3
Equinox 3640      2105 + 1440 bsmt          2
Equinox 3640+4  2282 + 1440 bsmt          2
This is the North entry of an an Equinox 2844 built on a South facing hillside in the mountains of North Carolina. On properties like these, where the approach is from the North and the lot is sloped, the solar features of the home and it's true size are not immediately obvious.

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