ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem
This Enertia Extreme is near Minneapolis, Minnesota where the winters are COLD and the summers are HOT.
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As in all Enertia homes, the engine and heart of this home is the Sunspace.
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The main floor has an open kitchen/dining/living area, plus the Master Bedroom.
This home has just been completed, and the family will be moving in soon.
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The Master Bedroom can be closed off with a sliding pocket door. There is a separate entrance to the bedroom through the Sunspace.
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The stairwell is in the center of the house connecting the basement, main level and upper level.

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Upstairs there is a hallway leading to East and West bedrooms.

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The East bedroom has exceptional views of the lake across the street, and a custom designed balcony right outside.

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The balcony features heavy timer structural elements that bring strength and visual proportion.

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This second floor balcony will be a popular place to relax and enjoy the views of the lake and local wildlife.
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The West bedroom has big windows to let in lots of light. The two bedrooms share the upstairs bath.
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The lower level will also be light and airy with space for a variety of activities.

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Outside, the West side has an entry into the West end of the Sunspace. The stone work and wood blend perfectly.

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This view shows the full South side and the lake to the East.

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The East porch and balcony are massively beautiful. Notice the North dormer where the upstairs bath is located.

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The green window trip was an excellent choice.

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A special feature of the property is this small barn which has been restored to preserve the building and many happy memories of family times there over the years.