ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem
Follow these links to understand the ENVIRONNMENTAL advantages of ENERTIA® Mass Timber Homes:

Energy Without Oil - How materials and design work together to allow the Enertia® home to heat and cool itself.

Mass Timber -

Double Shell - Learn how the outer shell ‘fools’ the inner shell, or living space, into behaving like it is in a different, far more temperate climate.

Sustainable Homes - What defines a sustainable building and why sustainability is important.

Off Grid - “Off Grid” means completely independent of, and not connected to, the utility grid.

Testimonials - Some happy homeowners share some of their Enertia® home experiences.

Environmental Architecture - The basic goal of Environmental Architecture is simple: attractive, comfortable, affordable shelter that does no harm to the Earth in its manufacture, or its use.