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Enertia Extremes

Introducing New Models that carry our House-Within-a-House concept to the extreme. Note the East and West walls are doubled too. Extreme weather events, high fuel costs, combined with our increased factory productivity and faster assembly with the new Gluelam Green Building Blocks® are making this a more viable option. It adds but a small percentage to your package cost, little to construction time, and an even smaller percentage to your overall cost. Want nature (sun and earth) to create a false Texas climate for your upper Midwest or Canadian home? Maybe 12 inch windowsills don’t look so out-of-place after all. Your cat will love them.
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Are you are ready for the Polar Vortex, no electricity, perhaps shortages of heating fuel? These are real issues, being felt by families as far south as Ohio this winter, and we tackle them with an “Extreme” version of the innovative Enertia® Building System. Already our houses are ahead of the game, and the goal is still to put the living space into a “naturally-created” milder climate zone, with a unique double-shell technique. For these vicious conditions we implement a full house-within-a-house strategy, by doubling the East and West wall, as well as the North wall as we do in all convection-loop Enertia® homes.
But, instead of allowing air flow through these East and West wall cavities, which would cause turbulence, we spec 2” foil-faced Thermax, which isolates the inner timber wall from the outer- optimizing its full mass and phase-change capacity to condition the inner shell living space. We call this assembly, Extreme Wall:

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We have used this assembly before in special cases, like a Western house with full exposure to the setting sun, and some northern homes on the Great Lakes- on the lake side. We find that it adds little in initial cost, while increasing energy efficiency, wind and tornado resistance, seismic resistance, and simplifies wiring during construction. Obviously this must be done at the time of the initial design, and manufacturing stage. In construction, the outer wall is carried up four feet, the Thermax is inserted, and then the inner wall is brought up, as here:
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Gluelam buttresses are hidden in the wall, to keep everything in plane, and they add the enormous seismic and wind resistance.

Not only do these inner gluelam walls add thermal mass, they add interior thermal mass that is exposed only to the “false” earth-produced Delta T, not the exterior Delta T from minus zero outside temperatures.
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Main Floor SP 3848 EX with optional 2 car garage

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