ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


America’s most innovative and substantial home needs qualified Builders to show, sell, and build this new technology. Every weather extreme, or natural disaster, results in new inquiries about the only American building system that logically and economically solves these problems.

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While we still sell home packages directly from our website, in 24 states to date, most homebuyers will want a local connection - a model home within driving distance, and a builder familiar to the building code officials and banks.

As an established builder you can see that this is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others with a new and innovative form of architecture that is timely- that is perfectly attune to todays environmental values, as well as concerns about safety and security and rising cost-of-fuel.

There is no franchise fee, and we have only a few basic requirements:
1. That you purchase and build a model Enertia® home and are prepared to publicize it and encourage the public to visit and see it.
2. That your crew be trained by our factory technician.
3. That you sell and/or build the equivalent of two Enertia® homes per calendar year. We may express this in a linear footage requirement as certainly we have sold very large homes that take a year to complete. [download builder brochure]

Authorized ENERTIA® Builder/Dealer

We expect our B/D’s to range from the small family-owned construction company to the strictly business-orientated firms that build several hundred homes a year. Your Builder/Dealership will be what you make it and will depend on the nature of your market and how aggressively you go after publicity, and advertise.
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Talk to us - tell us about the potential of your proposed market and territory. Tell us about your experience as a builder and show us homes you have built. You may already be in the Green and Massive/Substantial housing market- or you may be ready to enter it. An award-winning Green and Innovative house may be just the inspiration you and your market are looking for.

While we expect that most B/D applicants will want to establish a territory where they already have roots, from a strictly business standpoint you may want to consider some of the areas already enamored of timber buildings- like Lake Tahoe, California and Park City, Utah.
We encourage our Builder/Dealers to live in their model homes, although a residential style home set up as a business office is also acceptable.
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