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Energy Use Data for North Carolina Home
We have collected data for a typical year for this house in Durham, North Carolina. This home has been HERS tested and rated "EnergyStar."

This customer is on a bill-leveling program through their utility. The monthly electric bill for this house is fixed at $35 per month ($420 per year). The house also has a back-up in-floor radiant system (for long cloudy stretches or unusually cold weather) that uses Natural Gas. In January, they paid $80 to their utility, as well as $72 in February.

Solar hot water panels are used for domestic hot water.The total energy cost for this home was $572 for the last year. According to US DOE (http://hes.lbl.gov/consumer), this is a savings of just over $1000 per year (over a comparable home near zip code 27713) at current utility rates.
The "mechanical" area of the home contains the solar hot water storage tank, back-up tank, and plumbing for the radiant floor back-up hear. The South wall of the home and the Sunspace are essentially the heating system.

Additional resources:
For information on tax credits available to North Carolina customers for residential solar thermal systems, please consult the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy.
To find a contractor, please consult the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.
For resources to help in making a decision about installing solar energy systems, use the solar estimator at FindSolar.com:
The best source of unbiased energy outlook information is EIA’s Short Term Energy Outlook.