ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


Enertia® is a new technology for building houses so that they heat and cool themselves. This is achieved from the design, the orientation, and the materials of the home, rather than a furnace, heat pump, or air-conditioner. Three basic, millions-of-year-old principles of nature, combined with state-of-the-art windows, radiant coatings, and prefab manufacture, make it possible, and practical. The principles are inertia, thermal currents, and the energy capacity of wood.

The goal is a comfortable living space - in an often hostile environment. Remarkably, our planet Earth achieves this, in the absolute-zero temperature of space, by weather patterns and thermal inertia. This "ecological balance" is possible because Earth has an atmosphere that traps and distributes the sun's energy by thermal currents. Enertia® Building Systems has applied this concept to Architecture.
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Each Enertia® home is a model, in miniature of the Earth itself.

Enertia® is among the first, and perhaps most life-changing, practical inventions to come from the modern science of BIOMIMICRY. It is an incredibly simple, foolproof natural concept - and it can solve one of the greatest problems of all mankind: how to comfortably house a growing population without straining the world's material resources, or dwindling energy supply. Until now, "Natural Architecture" has been about using natural materials, like wood and stone, for aesthetic reasons only. Enertia® is a performance-based "Natural Architecture," going a step further, using these materials as energy carriers, in a dynamic new design with a life of its own.
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Of all building materials, only a few have specific and latent energy capacity in the range of human comfort. The best and most familiar of these is wood. The strength, cellular structure, and resin content of Southern Yellow Pine put it at the top of the list, and make it the ideal natural building material. SYPine is also the most sustainably renewed species of tree in the world.
Many materials are "renewable" - only SYPine actually is renewed at a rate greater than what is harvested. Unlike other Bio-Energy technologies which use wood as fuel, the Enertia® Building System uses wood as a "carrier" of existing and renewable energy. Since the wood is not burned there is no atmospheric pollution associated with its use. In fact, using wood in a long-life house sequesters carbon, an essential step in the process to undo past atmospheric pollution.
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Enertia® has combined renewable energy and renewable material into a practical, economic, and long-lasting building system that will not strain the resources of our future, or pollute the Earth by its operation. Enertia® is HYBRID technology for houses, using the best energy source for each purpose; Solar to heat the home in Winter and Geothermal to cool the home in Summer. The distribution system is natural thermal currents for a home environment that is not mechanically dependant, for an era when the supply of fuel or power may be uncertain, unreliable or expensive.
Enertia® - Energy from a shift in Time - is a solution that can change the world. No longer is precious oil or electricity needed to heat and cool our buildings. It is a Made-In-America technology for energy independence, with a side effect of more secure, comfortable and healthy living. In the USA the energy used for houses is approximately equal to the oil we import. The energy value of America's sustainable pine forests, when used as a "carrier" of solar energy, is greater than all the oil in the Middle East. But, unlike the oil, it's not "used up." It is Biomass Energy without burning, and since there is no combustion, there is no pollution.
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