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All Enertia homes require some modification- to adapt to the site, the climate, the topography, and for the entry or garage entry direction. With Standard models, our fee for this, and the generation of blueprints, is 10% of the published kit price.
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With standard models, and even with a few minor modifications, we can generate a Package contract immediately and that package would contract include the Blueprints. The advantage is that you get assigned a production slot and delivery date and the price is fixed. This is called “fast-tracking” and may be important if you are approaching a building season, or personal, deadline.
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For custom homes, we will look at a home we have already designed that has a similar footprint and features.
We will generate an estimate of your custom home kit based on this, factoring in additional corners, a change in roofline, options, and custom features. The blueprint fee will be 10- to 20 percent of this estimated kit price, depending on the degree of detail you want in the blueprint set. There are cases where we have designed staircases, balcony rails, custom doors, and even furniture.
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To start the design process this fee must be paid in full. We will schedule the design work in the order that we receive the design fee. Note this payment only covers the design process and does not assign you a production slot or fix the kit package cost. This requires a package order contract and down-payment. We can generate a Package price and contract as soon as you approve the Preliminary Blueprint, or you can wait until the final Blueprint is ready.
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All contract payments are non-refundable. This covers our limited designer's time and overhead and is a measure of our clients commitment. We do, however, credit Design contract payments on the following basis (see below), provided the package is ordered within one year of the delivery of the blueprint.
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On standard models, with minimum alterations to the package, we may credit the entire amount of your Design payment. When the design is based on a standard model, but alterations involve footprint changes, or stairway or chimney relocation, or height or roof pitch changes- we will take out for changes that are specific for your project. Typically 50% of your Design payment will be credited in this case. On a wholly custom designed job, where we start from scratch, the design fee is not credited.
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Do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. 919-556-2391.