ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem

Construction and Photo Tour

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This Brandwine 3248 + 3 is in Western Massachussettes. The kit was constructed by Kent Hicks (Kent Hicks Construction - West Chesterfield, MA - Ph: 413-296-0123) erected with the assistance of Enertia® Builder/Dealer Sund Energy Homes. (Phone: 1-802-257-4400
Cell: 1-413-222-0044)
The first photos sent from this jobsite show the first floor of the kit erected. There is a storeroom off the basement on the East side of the house. Notice the insulated foundation - an important design element of an Enertia® home.
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The heavy timber floor system between the first and second floor has been set into the precut notches.

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The kit has been risen to a level above the transom windows on the South. The gable ends will begin on the next row of timbers.
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The East and West Gables Rise quickly. The timbers are precut to the correct angles. Keeping the gable ends plum and braced against wind are important.
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The wall timbers have all been set. Next the Ridge and Rafters will be added, and the gable ends will be stabilized.

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A crane is rented for a day to set the ridge beam and rafters.

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In the photo on the left, the entire Enertia® kit has been erected. With the crane on the scene to set the rafters, if the roof panels have been delivered they can also be set at the same time. Now just the windows are lacking to have a dried in shell.
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The kitchen is beautiful, with natural wood and granite countertops.

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The sunspace has a tiled floor.

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There are two bedrooms, a bath, and a loft area upstairs. The bedrooms are a good place to mix wood paneling and sheetrock.

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The hot water storage and controls for the solar systems are in the basement.

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The Sunspace is going to be a favorite spot in this newly completed home. The Gossamer Fan (Gossamer Fan Co.) has aerodynamically curved blades that deliver up to four times the air movement of other fans.
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The homeowners selected a soft grey stain which should weather nicely.