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BRANDYWINE 2848 in MARYLAND - A Textbook Case!
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Pouring over a textbook is usually a boring and arduous task, but sometimes an instant's knowledge of an idea or concept can change your life. Dave had just read in his Environmental Studies textbook that a North Carolina engineer and builder had discovered the secret of architecture - a technique for building homes that heat and cool themselves, without pollution. He took the textbook to show Chris, his wife.
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The Sunspace - Where rising solar heated air provides and distributes energy
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The Living/Dining/Kitchen can be open to the Sunspace when the house has "equalized".
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The airlock entry provides a transition space and thermal break between the North Porch and the living room.
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The Kitchen is "visually" divided from the dining room by the main beam.
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The master bedroom is on the main level and has French doors opening onto the Sunspace.
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* The loft on the second level overlooks the Great Room.
* The internal window in the sunspace wall of the loft is lined up with a skylight in the sunspace to give natural light for this peaceful reading area.
*This is one of two upper level bedrooms. A window to the Sunspace adds light without heat loss.
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*From the North entry - a simple, easy to maintain, country home.
*In the "back" yard, the South/Solar side reveals the secret.
*Solar hot water panels provide hot water and pump excess energy into the basement walls and floor.