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BRANDYWINE in the Appalachian Mountains
Photo Tour

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This Brandywine is in the Appalachian Mountains where local stone sets off the beauty of the glulam timbers. Like all Enertia homes, the South side is glassy to let the Sun pour in.
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The North side features a covered porch and two entry doors. The porch stairs are still under construction.

The North porch wraps around and extends across the entire West side of the home.
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On the East side, a screened porch extends the living area for a good portion of the year.

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The kitchen and living room are open spaces with high ceilings and exposed heavy timber beamwork.

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These stairs go from the main level to the loft area above. The sunspace (right) is the heart of any Enertia home.
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The lower level of an Enertia home also has a Sunspace area. And, when the property topography allows, there can be a “walkout” on the South side.
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On the left is a view looking up from the lower level through the grates in the floor of the main level sunspace. On the right is a sample of some of the complex wood joinery that is found in many Enertia homes.