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Photo Tour

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This Blue Mountain was designed for a rainy, cloudy area near Portland, Oregon.The client purchased four extra courses and added a string of transoms above the Southern windows to increase the amount of solar gain. The white concrete pebbled patio provides a reflective surface to further enhance solar gain during overcast periods.
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This Blue Mountain model Enertia® home is practically in the shadow of Oregon's largest volcano, Mt. Hood, near Portland. On a whirlwind tour of the Northwest, we visited two Enertia® homes, and took photographs to share with you.
The Sandy river runs along the south border of this beautiful property. Nature is king here, and an Enertia® home fits in perfectly with the mountains, rivers and trees. This Blue Mountain has a mudroom attached on the north.
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The mudroom leads to the entry/dining area and then into the cathedral ceilinged livingroom. The floorplan is open with structural wood posts as visual dividers. There is an exterior door on the East wall of the livingroom, and sliding glass doors to the Sunspace on the South.
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The kitchen is open to the livingroom. An extra-large island serves as an informal dining area or just a place to sit and chat with the cook.
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The Master Bedroom/Bath is on the main level with a sliding glass door out to the Sunspace. Plants thrive year round in the Sunspace, which is a favorite sitting/reading/dining-for-two area.
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Upstairs the guest bedroom and bathroom occupy the West end of the home. An open loft above the livingroom is on the East end.
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A family room and sitting/dining area with fireplace are downstairs on the lower level, East side. The homeowners added a circular stairway in the SouthWest corner of the lower level, leading up into the Sunspace above.
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Many thanks to the homeowners for the opportunity to show you their beautifully sited, landscaped and constructed Enertia® home.