ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem

Photo Tour

This Arcadia 3248+4 is in the city of Durham, North Carolina. In October, 2005 this home was open for the National Green Building Tour, and over 50 couples came out on a rainy Saturday to see the newest Enertia® home in the area.
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The South door opens into the Sunspace, which is a wonderful sitting/breakfast area - perfect for reading the paper, watching wildlife, or taking a nap. In the Arcadia, the stairs to the lower level are in the Sunspace. This stairwell is a natural ventilation area for outer shell air/heat circulation, and allows for maximum living space in the inner shell.
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Sliding glass doors open from the Sunspace into the living room. The Interior walls of the living room are paneled with wood siding that matches the heavy timbers.
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The master bed and bath are on the West end of the home (although a mirror-image floorplan can be built). The high ceilings and paddle fans are some of the features that work to keep the home cool, with little or no need for air-conditioning.
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The informal entry is on the East end of the house which faces the driveway. This home is tucked into an older city neighborhood and blends perfectly into this wooded lot.