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ARCADIA 3236 in CALIFORNIA - Worth It's Weight in Gold
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This Arcadia 3236 is in the mountains of Southern California. It is a small home with all the architectural style of a large home, in addition to the usual energy efficiency of an Enertia® home.

The most obvious architectural feature of the Arcadia models is their twin tower design on the South side of the home. When we go inside you will see how this stylish front is made possible.
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The house sits on a hillside. From below, on this site, this "small" house looks enormous.

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The South ("front") porch is partially covered by an extended roof and is another great spot to sit with a book or a friend.
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Now, lets go inside...... The space-saving, yet architecturally elegant design of the Arcadia is made possible by the multi-level sunspace which doubles as the stairway from the main level to the lower level. Entering the front door, you can turn left to go up four steps to the main level or turn right to go down to the lower level. This layout makes it possible to have vertical grates in the sunspace rather than floor grates for airflow.
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The sunspace is perfect for cat naps, coat racks, plants, reading nooks and enjoying the views.

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The kitchen, like the rest of the house, is finished with contemporary styling which looks great against the solid wood background.
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The "hallway" leads to the two bedrooms, the full bath, and a closet with attic access.
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The lower level "secondary" living space contains the family room, a full bath, the utility room/office, a lower "sunspace" area, and some low headroom storage space under the lower area of the main sunspace above.
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Two solar thermal panels on the roof provide energy to the hot water tank, or to the radiant floor.
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Enertia® Homes are especially dramatic in appearance at dusk.