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Construction Album

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Tim Sund, and his son, Matt, built this Arcadia 3248+4 in Guilford, VT, where they will sell and build Enertia homes in Vermont and nearby locations. This is a family business, and Matt's brothers, Nathan and Jeremiah are also involved.
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These are the Enertia "Green Building Blocks" that are pre-cut, pre-numbered, and shipped in bundles to the building site. The homeowner has the foundation and subfloor ready to go, and construction of the kit begins from there. Some homes have a "lower South option, which includes some timbers for the lower level on the South side of the home.
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The Lower South kit option creates the openings for the lower south windows and door. On the left, the Sunspace wall has been partially built and the window frames installed. On the right, the main level South window openings are outlined by the post and beam work on the main level.
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This kit was delivered in November, and the hearty crew worked through on a lot of cold, but sunny days.
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The kit is erected from the inside. This crew used interior scaffolding to work the high parts of the job.
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The ridge is a 3x15 glue laminated beam running the entire length of the house.
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The rafters are set in pairs along the ridge.

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Once the ridge and rafters are up, the insulated roof panels can be set in a day. Here you can see the thickness of the roof panels which now cover the entire roof. The optional garage is built right along with the rest of the Enertia kit. We'll keep you updated on this project as new photos arrive.
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The panels that will show from inside can be ordered with tongue and grooved wood on the underneath side, as you can see in these Sunspace pictures.
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Some of the glass in the South Towers is trapezoid shaped and is specially made to fit each window opening.
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The lower windows are also being installed. These windows are all from Hurd Window Company. Matt is working hard to install the windows so that the house will be "dried in."

Take a Photo Tour of this home as complete.
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