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Photo Tour

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This beautiful home is completed and the owners are in residence. They allowed us to visit and take some photos to share with you.

Sometimes a contemporary home can feel "cool" or "industrial," but here, as you will see, the rich warmth of the wood makes one very much at home.

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Entering through the mudroom you see the massive fireplace and wrap-around staircase that divide the living room from the kitchen and dining side of the house. Sliding glass doors lead out to the Sunspace.
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To the side of the living room is the Den/4th bedroom. The space area is maximized with pocket doors, and a Murphy bed. Great use of space!
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The guest bath on the main floor has rich wood cabinetry and a clear glass shower - a very appealing combination.

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Beyond the fireplace/stairway core of the house is the kitchen on the North and the dining room on the South. The dining room leads out to the Sunspace.
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The diagonal tile in the sunspace ads a dynamic feeling, and the finish on the tile is lustrous. This is likely to become everyone's favorite room. The clean lines of the timbers, glass and tile are very refreshing.
One of the exciting features of the Aquarius models is the master bedroom balcony into the Sunspace with its views through the tower's top windows.

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At the center of the house is a beautiful tiled chimney with a glass-door fireplace insert. A wrap around staircase leads upstairs. The glass balusters add a clean-cut visual openness to the space.

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Upstairs, at the East end of the house, is the Master Suite. The glass door (right) leads out to the balcony over the Sunspace, with its terrific views to the South.
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On the North side of the master bedroom is a large walk-through closet and a gorgeous master bath.

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There are two guest bedrooms upstairs. You might have noticed the sumptuous fabric art and matching quilts throughout the house. All of this work is done by Amy, who was also the interior designer for her home.
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The upstairs guest bathroom is on the North, with a window view/ventilation on the back wall. The cabinetry matches the tone of the timber walls, and is very warm paired with the white accents.

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Back on the main level, a porch on the west side of the house will be the perfect place to relax.

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The patio on the South and west side of the house is done in beautiful earthtone slate.
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The day of our visit was grey and cloudy, but the home was performing beautifully.
The basement finishing is still in progress, so we look forward to returning when it is completed.
Thank you Amy and Mark!