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Enertia® Building Systems, Inc. - Mass Timber Solar Homes

ENERTIA® is about Solutions - permanent solutions, in an industry still locked in the methods of the last century: house-building. Some are specific solutions to problems brought to us by clients. Some are universal solutions to well publicized global problems, like Climate-Change. Usually we quietly produce practical affordable solutions to problems still considered un-solvable. All of them will save more than they cost.

Early in this solutions process we identified and named, a new source of energy: Enertia®-Energy from a-shift-in-time. To use Enertia® to heat and cool houses without fuel or electricity we created a new form of Architecture: Double-Shell ,Mass Timber houses that heat and cool by natural geothermal convection, and are strong enough that they won’t go into the atmosphere and ocean as debris during the inevitable storms during their long life.

Our material, Mass Timber, is renewable and renews so fast that our use grows back in minutes, cleaning the atmosphere of CO2 while it renews. Our technology and architecture is the result of discovering that our local “TarHeel” Southern Yellow Pine could store thermal energy: www.enertia.com/about.html

Nearly all the dire predictions that frighten humanity, assume that there won’t be solutions. That is not true - we take them on and solve them, usually with the proprietary new energy source we discovered and named. If it involves buildings, our specialty, we apply Enertia® Architecture, an new form of architecture where the structure itself stores and releases energy. Common sense and economy are our guiding principles - innovative because we are playing with a deck no one else seems to understand.

The Earth spins on. There is boundless Enertia®. But if you can’t store it and shift it, it is gone, forever (Entropy). ENERTIA®, a new word, covers all forms of time-shifted energy, just like LASER, a new word, covered all forms of light-amplification energy. Sometimes, just naming, causes a concept to take off.
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While many of our solutions are “one off” for a specific client, several have been so universal they have resulted in our Award-Winning products:

Enertia® Homes - Pre-cut and numbered Mass Timber house packages for homes that heat and cool themselves. In 2007 they were named a Modern Marvel. Many of our standard pre-designed and priced models, have been built by the homeowners themselves.

EXTREMETM Homes - Doubled walls for really wicked climates, or hurricane, earthquake, or tornado zones. The structure can be designed for up to 240 mph winds.

Rising WaterTM Homes - Houses specifically for areas that flood, coastal or near rivers. These designates areas have tripled in size in the last ten years. Innovative hydraulic floors that can be lifted in a flood event.

ENERTIA® OFFICES - This is where the explosion in Mass Timber is happening. Search “Mass Timber” or “Plyscrapers” anywhere to see where and when.

LEGACYTM - This is a specification of design, materials and surfaces with a true thousand-year life. Initial cost is rarely more than doubled. Amortized, this the most economical and environmental: 50 generations can use it and the building will not go into the landfill or ocean as debris. Seriously - mass timber buildings in Scandinavia built in the 900’s are still in use.

Enertia® CLT Panel Homes - This is the solution for large developments with a number of repeats, and cranes on-site. The CLT panels are used for a self-heating / self-cooling core. Conventional porches and details can make all the homes look different.

Enertia® Design / Consulting - Innovative solutions for 30 years. Like off-grid homes, air-conditioning with cave air, mass-timber basements, helicopter delivery, hybrid electric cars.

Want more info- go to our Products page: www.enertia.com/EBSProducts.html

Who Benefits?

The Client or Homeowner gets an innovative house or office that will pay for itself in low- maintenance longevity, and energy savings. If the client has trade skills, or just construction management skills, it can be built from our kits for less than a conventional contractor-built structure.

Environment because our house and buildings do not use fossil fuel, do not pollute, and are made from 100% renewable materials and powered by renewable energy.

Investor because we have the only proven, economical, and renewable, solution to the task of rebuilding the housing infrastructure with resilience to Climate Change, in the largest dollar-wise market on Earth. All homes (especially the new conventional ones) will need to be rebuilt in the next 30-50 years, many sooner when they are lost to storms and flooding. We have a short recognizable trademarked name for a high-performance environmental product, like Tesla. And a potential market 1000 times theirs. We are a GreenTech, sustainable, environmental company you can be proud and comfortable to participate in.

Licensee of one, or more of our solutions. We can develop and license a solution based on climate, price-point, geography or local style. And design the mass production plant, machinery, and processes with training in production and assembly.

Science, because we are doing research in a field, ignored by others: the management of inertia. Newton made it his first Law. Carl Sagan felt it was the key to time travel and alternate universes. Imagine a heavy object stoping and changing direction instantaneously, without friction (brakes). Understanding inertia, like gravity, will be the key to the future. We changed the spelling to trademark it, and get rid of the negative condition that inertia = slowness, or resistance to change. Enertia® is all about change - first in building, next transportation, then all of life.

Welcome to the future - Houses will never be the same.